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Meet The Founder:

Randall Courtland Davis is a prolific writer, content creator, author, actor and activist. He attended Clark Atlanta University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Theater Arts. He obtained a job in International Marketing at Warner Brothers upon graduation. He was soon promoted into television and film production working as second assistant to Ilene Chaiken, President of Quincy Jones Entertainment.

A year later, Mr. Davis became the Production Coordinator on the Martin Show for HBO for its first season. He further found his voice while taking advanced courses in screenwriting with Robert McKee while simultaneously rising to the top of his management roles in the service industry in Los Angeles for the last twenty-eight years. He continued to hone his craft by educating himself through the reading, writing, and studying of scripts from every genre. The genre he found most fascinating was dramatic expression as it resonated with his soul and history. He then worked 3 years in the Non-Profit sector for “My Friend's House Foundation” as its Director of Operations while simultaneously being a single father to three young children, now young adults.

Davis has written six features films, including a musical, and countless other ideas and projects in the vault. He has written two stage plays, a short film, and three original television pilots; a sitcom and two hour-long dramas. He now looks to find his tribe and to partner on a production deal to package his life’s work, share his talents and experiences, and bring hope to the world through storytelling.

Dear Reader & Future Wife

I wrote my book, A Peace of Me, for my commitment to Black Love and the fight to preserve it through my recent love journey. This particular journey started in 2016, when I began posting on Facebook addressing my future wife each day for seven days.

Each post was a declaration of love to her, and it was written as if they were my last words. I wanted her to SEE me and know what to expect from a love that would never be hidden.

It is my hope to enlighten you through what I have learned and let you see me as I see you. The goal for me is to find my lost rib and put my work in by seeking my truth and becoming my most authentic self. My desire is for you to join in my discovery and you to find it for yourself.

From the author

OneLove Randall

In Dedication

To my Dear Future Wife, my legacy and tribe. I love you all madly. Thank you