Saint Town

About The Company

Saint town is a media company that provides a host of written feature films, original television pilot series, stage plays and books that serve to uplift the Black community with stories by us for everyone. We tell stories inspired by our love for Black people, our people, which authentically express the multi-faceted experiences of our communities. When we look around we seldom see our stories told accurately, or hear our voice in the Black characters on screen. The disservice done to our communities and culture by the often one-dimensional and negatively stereotypical portrayals of Black people on stage and in film and television has driven us to create content that will uplift, educate and inspire. Randall Davis is the founder of Saint Town Media LLC, named in honor of his home town of St. Louis, Missouri. Our mission is to produce content depicting the diverse lives within Black communities for a growing audience of people who appreciate storytelling that resonates beyond cultural boundaries. Saint Town wants to be a part of changing our stories to reflect our truth.