Saint Town

Reading List

  • Siddartha - Herman Hesse
  • The Great Cosmic Mother - Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor
  • The Destruction of The Black Civilizations - Chancellor Williams
  • Why We Lose - Jake Patton Beason
  • The Best of Simple - Langston Hughes
  • Black Robes and White Justice - Bruce Wright
  • The Four Agreement - Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Wild at Heart - John Eldredge
  • Love Is Never Enough - Aaron Beck
  • The Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman
  • The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran
  • The Mastery of Love - Don Miguel Ruiz
  • All About Love - Bell Hooks
  • Isis Papers - Dr. Francis Cress Welsing
  • The Mis-Education of the Negro - Carter G. Woodson
  • It has been said that knowledge in and of itself without a change in behaviour is a waste of information. I have learned a lot from many books but these select few are the ones that have shaped my journey for love for self and others.