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Book Reviews

Paul C. Dozier

Author, Motivational Speaker

"A call to honesty in a relationship. Being honest from the beginning and having realistic expectations of each other, while acknowledging the importance of sacrificial/love with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Love it."



"Awesome read.  It will be a great book for those mature enough to lay aside their ego’s and understand the true desires of a woman and the words of a man that wants to give them to her. Randall’s words are sincere, authentic, no ulterior motive and he is not gay? (men will not believe that a straight man would write a book talking about giving a woman monogamy and LOVE."



“Wow, this work is like the chronicles of a Black man’s heart being displayed on the courtship of love as a modern day Song of Solomon. I enjoyed the analogy of relationships to that of basketball. It resonated with me as an enthusiast of the game, I could relate to Randall’s comparisons. A great literature of reflective intimacy by a Black man.”

Aristean Davis

Retired Chief Officer - US Department of Records and Author’s Mom

"This is a “MUST READ.” It opened my eyes and offered some rich pearls of wisdom to relationships, and I have been married happily for 57 years. His personal journey from the dark side of love to a transformation by the renewing of the mind was fascinating. Randall’s discovery to seek real love through communication, commitment and Christ speaks to a journey for all men."

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